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Someone from our team will get back to you shortly. You can expect a reply within 1 business day. This could be the start of something awesome!

Starmark Advantage

The Starmark Window Series provides a truly unique product

in today's crowded window marketplace. Starmark offers outstanding features and benefits to set this series apart from the competition. The secret behind this window's performance is its exceptionally low air infiltration ratings, which can drastically reduce the energy consumption of a typical home. This unique feature, combined with our five glazing options, offers outstanding thermal performance and exceeds the most rigorous Energy Star Requirements. 

Frame Material

Quality of the Cellular Composite

  • Solid-core cellular composite
  • Superior energy-efficiency (Equivalent of R-5 insulation)
  • Appearance of wood without warping issues
  • Does not absorb moisture, so it will not rot and does not require maintenance (scrape, prime, and paint)
  • The small cell microstructure of cellular material resists insects
  • From the inside of the home lamination can reproduce the grain and rich colors of high-end hardwoods.

Features of the Starmark Window:

  • Appearance of wood 
  • Classic aesthetics and beautiful sight lines 
  • Fully welded construction to ensure strength, stability, and years of long lasting performance
  • Rigid interlock
  • High quality cap stock coatings provide a flawless finish
  • Wood simulated laminate is available, which can be stained or painted

Glass and Spacer

 Starmark Windows combine state of the art glass and spacer technology with superior manufacturing process. Our HeatSeal Glass system contains Extra Strength glass with heat reflective 11 microscopically thin layers of silver and other metal oxides and HeatSeal spacer. We offer multiple configurations of double and triple pane glass units to meet all needs of our customers.

HeatSeal and SunSeal Glass

In climates where heating and cooling are the primary concern, HeatSeal Glass products are designed to take advantage of free solar heat, resulting in higher inside glass temperature. Passive solar and thermal insulation reduce the draft sensation caused by cold glass surfaces, providing windows that reduce heating costs. 

In climates where cooling is your main concern, SunSeal Glass products are designed to reduce solar heat while still providing color-neutrality. This solar control property, combined with thermal insulating benefits, results in beautiful, natural-looking glass that helps keep air conditioning costs low. *Southern Climate Zone*

HeatSeal Spacer System

HeatSeal Spacer System used in our windows gives superior thermal efficiency and drastic reduction of condensation. As much as 15.3 F warmer seal temperature at sightline.

Construction - Durability

Thanks to craftsmanship and new cellular composite material, our products eliminate major weaknesses of vinyl and wood windows: warping, bowing and constant requirement of painting. Twelve point fusion welding process maximizes strength of our window and reduces air infiltration.